The Lewiston & Sons Office
4460 Sir Lancelot Cr.
Midlothian, TX 76065
(972) 723-9503
Colossians 3:23-24
"And whatever you do, do it with your whole heart, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ"

As our company grows, we have leveled our focus to training genuine and honest hard-working painters to perform the same quality paint and home improvement services that our customers have always appreciated.
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Lewiston and Sons Painting guarantees to beat the competitor's price by 10% according to the following terms:
  • Price Buster Offer:
      Lewiston and Sons Painting (Company) guarantees to reduce the Proposed Total price of Work described in an official Lewiston and Sons Painting Proposal issued to Customer provided Customer receives the price reduction according to all of the Terms and Conditions of the Offer herein.
  • Price Comparison:
      Customer shall provide to Company within thirty (30) days of receiving a Lewiston and Sons Painting Proposal an official Proposal and Total price for providing the identical description of Work from at least two (2) or more independent contractors from the list of local reputable painting contractors (see Contractor List, below).
  • Minimum Price:
      Company agrees to provide the identical described Work proposed, for the Total price equal to the amount of ten percent (10%) less than the lowest Proposed Total price of the competing qualified Contractor (see Contractor List, below), however, the resulting discounted Total price may not equal less than the estimated cost to the Company of providing the Work (including both direct and indirect costs) plus five percent (5%).
  • Cost Verification:
      When presented with the required competing proposals, Company shall, within thirty (30) days, advise Customer of status of the Offer and resulting Total price, including Company cost estimate information when Minimum Price calculation is applicable.
  • Work Scheduling:
      To receive the Price Buster Total price discount Customer shall allow Company to schedule the Work at Company discretion and in cooperation with Customer within sixty (60) days of Cost Verification.
  • Contractor List:
      The Contractor List shall consist of those local contractors providing painting and related services which the Company has identified as reputable among the local building trades community and those they serve. The List is available upon request, or go to

      Contractor List

      Company may at its discretion consider Customer recommended contractor for consideration of Price Buster offer, and when sufficient information is provided to the Company for qualifying reputable status of the contractor.

  • Propriety:
      Customer agrees not to provide proprietary Company business and pricing information to competing contractors regarding their Lewiston and Sons Painting proposal or negotiations.
  • Program:
      The Price Buster Program, it's terms and conditions, may change at any time. Contact Company for current program status, terms and conditions.