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Midlothian, TX 76065
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Colossians 3:23-24
"And whatever you do, do it with your whole heart, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ"

As our company grows, we have leveled our focus to training genuine and honest hard-working painters to perform the same quality paint and home improvement services that our customers have always appreciated.
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Lewiston and Sons Painting (company) and Individual/Entity receiving services(Customer) hereby agree to the following Terms and Conditions
  • 1.Contract:
      Customerís authorization to begin Work per Companyís written Proposal, whether such authorization is written or verbal, and Companyís physical action to begin Work shall constitute a Contract in force between Company and Customer to engage in, and complete the proposed Work.
  • 2.Proposal:
      Work shall be performed as described in the written Proposal as submitted by Company after acceptance of the Proposal, either in writing or verbally, by Customer. Customerís invitation and acquiescence to the presence of, and start of proposed Work by, Company, shall constitute acceptance of Proposal as written.
  • 3.Cost:
      Customer shall assume obligation of payment to company of Total Cost as stated in the Proposal, for Work completed.
  • 4.Customer Accommodation:
      Customer is inviting Company to be present at the Customerís home/property for purposes of providing the service agreed upon in the Proposal. In consideration of this invitation the Customer shall assume all responsibility and risk regarding exposure of Customerís personal property while Company is present, and especially in consideration of those activities which the Customer has invited the Company to perform. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that Customer provide for the disposition of personal items/property in a way that the possibility of accidental or unintended damage is minimized. Company shall not be liable for accidental or unintended damage to Customerís personal property when such property is allowed to remain in the physical vicinity of, and/or to be exposed to proposed Work activity, including access and staging areas.
  • 5.Cartage:
      In order to expedite Work, and at the request of Customer, Company may agree to move, remove, dismantle, or reassemble objects of Customerís personal property as a courtesy to Customer. Customer agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Company, its employees, and/or agents against any and all liability or future recourse for any damage to Customerís property which may occur during such cartage activity.
    • 6.Company Liability:
        It is the practice of Company to retain commercial liability insurance coverage to manage the risk of any catastrophic damage which may occur during the business activities of the Company, and which could be determined attributable to Companyís negligence. Customer shall advise Company in writing immediately upon the knowledge of any actual or suspected damage to Customerís property which may be attributable to activities of Company.
    • 7.Work Schedule:
        Customer shall make proposed Work areas accessible to company for completion of Work on a consistent and continuous basis until Work is completed. Normal hours of Work are anticipated to be Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, or as negotiated and agreed upon between Company and Customer. The completion date of Work shall occur when all Work is completed, or as negotiated between Company and Customer prior to start of Work which shall be referenced in writing in the Proposal.
    • 8.Work Stoppage:
        Work may be interrupted or stopped due to circumstances beyond the control of Company, including, but not limited to: weather; unavailability of equipment/materials, unavailability of personnel; Customer/municipal contingencies, etc. Any designated completion date shall be revised consistent with the length of Work interruption/stoppage.
    • 9.Accessibility:
        Customer shall make Proposal Work areas/items accessible during normal Work hours (see Work Schedule, above), and provide for clear access to all Work surfaces by providing for removal of objects, landscaping, etc. that might impede such access, unless otherwise provided for in the Proposal.
    • 10.Payment:
        Customer shall provide payment to Company of the Proposal Total Cost at completion of Proposal Work, or as negotiated between Company and Customer prior to start of Work and which shall be referenced in writing in the Proposal.